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Buy and Hold'em Mastermind

Here is what you get/can expect when you join this group:


A Niche Community – this group is unlike your average resell group. 99% of the items we talk about are toys. Many we do not plan to sell right away. We invest in them, hold them, and sell for maximum profits when possible. That said, we do offer a good mix of cash flow items that can be sold now. 


The goal is to get you to build a system where after a few months in the program you always have profitable toys to send in. 

In order to get the most out of this group you will preferably need to be based in the US. Canada is probably the only other country you could live in and take advantage of deals posted. Even then, it would be limited. 

Also, you need to be ungated in the toy category and major toy brands on Amazon. We can help you get ungated if that is a point of friction in starting your business.  


If you are not interested in selling toys and video games on Amazon, this group is not for you. 


Membership is also capped at 100 paying members plus admins and support staff. 


A WhatsApp Chat – this is where everything happens. Deals are posted in this chat and all corresponding discussion happens. This isn’t a normal chat where people shoot the breeze about sports or debate politics. We stay on the topic of reselling, Amazon, toys, and anything related to those things. Anything else simply clogs the feed and isn’t tolerated. This allows you to get the most valuable information for your business without the feeling of "missing out" by trying to keep up with a non-stop conversation thread.


OA Toy Leads – 10-20 OA toy leads are posted DAILY Mon-Fri via Google Sheets. Some leads are posted in the chat on the weekend as well. We have a team of VAs working around the clock to source the most current deals. Each toy lead is personally graded by Greg and he adds insight and commentary to them when necessary so that you can make the most informed buying decisions possible. All new members get access to hundreds of previous toy leads upon admission


Lego Flips and Holds - We have 4 Lego sheets that we do our best to keep updated. 1. A list of all retiring soon legos that you can stack before they retire. Greg makes it easy for you to see his recommendations. 2. A daily list of Legos where Amazon is out of stock and you can quick flip today. 3. Store exclusive Legos that can be quick flips for cash flow. 4. Already retired lego sets that are still available for purchase at retail at MSRP or lower.


 Coaching –. The WhatsApp chat gives you the ability to ask Greg anything related to your business anytime you want. He always tries to respond to all questions/inquires within 24 hours. One-on-one coaching is also available at an additional cost. Your first hour is free and all other meetings are 50% off for members if you choose to have more one-on-one help. 


Monthly webinar – once a month we meet on a zoom call and go over questions and topics related to selling on Amazon. Sometimes Greg leads them, other times we have guest speakers. All calls are recorded and stored so you can watch whenever is convenient for you. You immediately get access to all webinars since the group originally began. 


AND MORE - We are always working to improve the group. Anything toy and video game related that is offered in the future is included in your membership at no additional cost.


Who is this group for – Greg’s strategy appeals to two types of sellers. 1. Someone who wants to sell on Amazon part-time around a 9-5 schedule that doesn’t involve constantly chasing the next hot product. There will be seasons where hustle is required, but buy and hold gives you the flexibility to get great returns on your money for the amount of time invested. 2. Those with large amounts of capital. We make buying decisions based on data. Sometimes that data leads us to make large purchases if you have the capital. Buy and hold is perfect for sellers that just want to add a different stream of income to their business and have the capital to fund it. 


Who is the group not for – Someone who only wants the latest chase products. While its fun to chase a new hot toy lead occasionallyGreg does not coach you to build your business around chase products. We are more interested in teaching you a system and how you can build a sustainable business model that goes beyond just hunting down the next fad. 


 Meet your Instructor: Greg Webb


Since 2015, Greg has been selling toys on Amazon where he has sold over $4,000,000 in toys, part-time. 


He has outlined his strategy for doing so in his book, Toyfolio. Thousands have read his book and made tens of thousands of dollars buying and holding toys.

He knows many of the ends and outs of the toy market after being immersed in it for the past 7 years. He studies the toy market and applies simple, yet unique strategies that help him sell profitable toys year-round, not just during Q4. 


He loves to teach and help others sell on Amazon so that ultimately everyone can achieve their financial goals. 


His and his family reside in small town North Carolina. 


What People Are Saying:

Greg's Buy & Hold group has been instrumental in my Amazon sales growth. Because of his data informed approach, I've reduced my risk of sourcing duds to nearly zero. While other resellers are chasing the latest fads with high competition, hoping that they hit a home run, I'm stacking known commodities with proven track records that give me 100% ROI minimum. He has helped me realize that I'm not reliant on a pandemic to make the reselling business model work. This is a real business model with true scalability that will give me financial freedom in the near future!

Daniel L

I have been in Greg’s Mastermind Group for the past year and it’s been a blast. I feel like a kid when Greg says BUY, And the next morning I jump in my car and run to a Walmart or Target and fill up 1 or 2 carts of his recommended Buy N Hold Toy!! If your on the fence to join, I’m 65 years old and not only making money, but having a blast in this Group. Greg is also a super person that always answers me if I need his advice! Also, this group helps everyone!!!

Tommy J

Greg’s mastermind group is far more than “what” to buy, but more importantly, “how” to buy. The education I receive in the group from Greg’s instruction and from asking questions of my own is worth 100x the price I pay to be a member. For anyone interested in becoming an expert in toys and reselling on Amazon in general, I highly recommend this group.

Joseph Oliver